How can I know my size?

To know the perfect size for you, we have available a size chart which can guide you in this process. Nevertheless, it is important for you to know that the most important measure is the waist measure if you are interested in a waist trainer.

How can I know my measurement?

For your waist measurement, please take a tape measure and place it around your waist, going over your belly button. The tape should not be too tight or too loose, tighten it firmly and see the number determined by the tape. That will be your waist measurement.

And for your hips measurement, take the tape measure and place it around your hips (in its most prominent part). The tape should not be too loose or too tight. The number that determines the tape is the number of your hip measurement

How do I know if my torso is long or short?

With the help of a tape measure the distance between the breast area and the lower part of your abdomen. If the measurement is 12 inches or more, you have a long torso. If on the other hand the measurement is less than 11 inches then you have a short torso.

If you do not trust that the measure you are taking is correct, it is also advisable to know what your height is, this can also determine your torso length.

How long can I use the girdle?

We highly suggest not to wear a waist trainer longer than 4 hours a day because of the high compression. When your receive your girdle, please do not use it for very long periods of time because your body must become accustomed to the compression of the garment.

What is the difference between the Latex garments and the Powernet ones?

Powernet is a very strong fabric and it is strongly recommended when manufacturing post-surgical or postpartum garments. Additionally, Powernet fabrics allows your skin to breath a bit more and also, let the air runs freely through your body. Since it is a breathable fabric that allows the air coming through your tissue, it offers several benefits such as the compression and elasticity which are adequate for figure control. They are recommended for everyday use, especially for postpartum, tummy tuck post-liposuction and body shaping. Latex on the other hand, is a material used to elaborate thermal reductive garments, perfect for gym activities. Many women use them daily to tone up their bodies and reduce inches from their waist.

What is the difference between the sports waist trainer and the waist trainer cincher?

Our sports waist trainers are covered by a special fabric which allows the protection of the latex from the sweating and brings protection to your skin while you workout. The waist trainer cincher is more focused on shaping abdominal area, bones are harder providing more compression to the abdominal area and great back support.

How to clean a garment?

Use mild soap, they won’t cause a rash on your skin and won’t damage the garment, you can use shampoo as well or use it as cleansing water. Put a bit of soap in warm water and make sure it is well diluted, so nothing sticks to it. Don’t use bleach or harsh soaps, remember that the waist cincher is very delicate and it might get stained when using a too strong product. Use a towel soaked in soapy water, and softly move it over the cincher, especially where you see sweat marks, try to not wet the latex side, and don’t squeeze the garment. When you are done put the garment on a flat surface or on a delicate clothes hook, also, on a covered place where the air flows to let the item air dry naturally.

How can I place an order?

Firstly, select the piece of your preference, determinating color, size and the quantity you like the most. Then add the garments or the item to the shopping cart. Go ahead to the checkout and complete the boxes with your personal data, verify zip code and address. If you have achieved this step, please go on and choose the shipping method to complete your order. Lastly, you will be gladly delighted with all our Ann Chery's services.

How long will it take receiving my order?

Free priority shipping takes around 5 to 8 business days for orders within the United States.

Can I return my garment for another size?

Yes, if your garment does not fit you as expected, we can gladly accept it for a size exchange. For any question or doubt, please contact our customer service agents.

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